Training Courses

Robert Heys from Accrington Stanley Football Club

“I took two or three really good points away with me and the information was very clear, these events are always excellent, the all event was enjoyable from the presentations to the food and the people who attended”.


Mark Sandamas from Pennine Events Ltd

“There wasn’t just one single high point but a combination of the nice relaxed atmosphere, opportunity to chat and the easy style of delivery made it really enjoyable”.


Mark Holden from Read Caravans

“The whole event was good and I would attend again”.


John Hartley from Sheet Style

“The information given by Louise made me realise how easy Lean Leadership could be and this was the high point for me”


Naomi Jeffers from Aston Chemist Ltd

“The presentation was excellent I could/would have listened to more material”


Jeanette McShane from Specsavers

“I enjoyed all of it and was extremely happy with everything also I and my colleagues took away thoughts that were different from each other and we are looking forward to making those changes”


Stuart Ingleby from Specsavers

“It is hard to present completely new ideas but the points put forward were excellent and I hope that along with my team I can utilise a few points also the food was delicious”.


Martin Rawstron from Safefix Scaffolding

“The fact that you can have a one to one discussion with the presenters is excellent”