FB BIZ Skills Assist Workshop

Hi Amin

"This workshop over-delivered on my expectations by 100% and more! And that's totally down to the inspirational and expert way Peter Dickinson the facilitator ran the workshop. He designed the workshop to be totally interactive with the delegates working in pairs to apply each of the business growth strategies to our respective businesses. My partner and I were both inspired throughout the time we worked together, so much so that we've decided to keep in touch and work together to help support each other starting next week. And we both had big ah-hah moments during the day that mean our businesses will now be able to grow faster. We had good time during the breaks to chat and exchange ideas and insights with the other business owners and that was invaluable. And all in just one day. We came away with our own bespoke action plan that will help us grow our businesses to the next level." Pam Day, FBBIZ

Kind regards
Pam Day - FB BIZ