I attended I can't recommend Skills Assist highly enough

I chose the sales workshop because I am new to sales and looking for some solid advice from someone who's done it for years and that's exactly what I found in the workshop.

The best thing about the workshop was the interaction with like minded people in similar positions, who all had a goal of learning and developing skills in sales. Then taking that thirst for knowledge and being mentored by Stephen who is a professional in the industry really helped to take the theory and gain the confidence to hopefully apply it in the future.

I would recommend anyone thinking of attending this workshop to do so. Learning new skills is difficult but then actually applying it is even harder and the workshop with Stephen I feel will definitely be beneficial to anyone.

Even if you have passed the beginner stage of sales you can still refresh and learn some skills you may have forgotten. I've only attended one of these workshops and if they are all to the high standard as the one I attended I can't recommend them highly enough.

Tyler Starritt, Crowberry Consulting

February 2014