Mentor Event 24.04.13

On Wednesday 24th April we held a get together for all our Mentors, the event included an update from CBP including current and new projects but the main focus was on the mentors, we encouraged a discussion between all mentors on the following areas:-

* Best Practice

* Exchange experiences of mentoring clients - good and bad!

* Celebrating success stories


The evening was a huge success, here are some of the lovely comments

“A good event – very informative – thank you!” – Louise Yates

“Useful to get updates. Always good to network and catch up with people I know” – Louise Yates

“It was good to hear about what is going on in CBP and will help me contribute more effectively within the programmes pursued.” – John Hewitt

“A worthwhile session” – Steve Crossley

“Sharing the experiences of other coaches and mentors” – David Bradford

“Networking with new and familiar faces” – Ken Wade

“Fresh insight in to CBP current plans” – Victor Giannandrea

“Shared experiences and networking equally valuable” – Neil Marland

“Getting to meet other mentors. Understanding how others deal with their mentees” – Carol Officer

“Update on opportunities. Chance to network with other mentors and listen to feedback” – Liz Gatheral

“An enjoyable event – thank you for hosting!” – Liz Gatheral

Most enjoyable part of the event –

“Sorrell relating her experience using her Empowering Lives training” – Steve Crossley

“Your Say” – Tim Isles

“Your Say – very interesting comments” – Anne Slater