Mums the Word


The Background

Rachel and Caroline had started a company recycling school uniforms and activity wear, and selling them on at affordable prices. Both had previously worked within the community so understood the demand for the service. They started the company volunteering their own time, for the business they needed help understanding finance and business planning. They also needed further help with HR and planning for employing others in the future.

The action

Rachel and Caroline were given John Ormerod as their Guardian Angel to help support them in the early stage development of the business.

Their business was also brought onto the Pennine LEAP scheme for support. Through this with Community & Business Partners they have attended a HR Seminar and will soon also be receiving coaching.

Rachel and Caroline also attended a Social media workshop, gaining information that they can later use in their business.

To date/ early results  

Rachel and Caroline’s first meetings with John went well. At this point John had been supporting them on costings, systems, monitoring and ideas around their model and how to make it a sustainable business.

Both attended the HR seminar and rated it as “Excellent”. They now both have a better knowledge of HR and will continue to gain support through a coach.

To date, Mums the Word has had many positive articles in the local telegraph, as well as having a site in Blackburn Mall during the six week holidays, providing a great service to parents in the tough economic climate.

They said

“Our relationship with John is very good, he offers us all the support and guidance around our business and with his knowledge we feel will be able to move forward with our ideas.”

October 2013