SAMS hosts scrap swap

SAMS — Scrap Art Material Store invited 12 other scrap stores from various parts of the country to take part in the one-day event on Friday 26th April 2013.

“Each store has a different range of suppliers — and thus different treasures — so being able to swap items with other stores means we are then able to offer our members a whole new range of things,” says Joanne Mason of SAMS. 

“It’s great fun and a great opportunity for the different scrapstores to swap their goodies for items which they can't get hold of locally. 

“In recent years scrap swaps have become something of a national phenomena.  Swap days have really taken off down south but traveling to them from the North is far too costly for SAMS which is why we decided to host our own swap day for northern stores. 

“We invited twelve scrap stores from Stoke on Trent, Leeds, Derby, Milton Keynes, Bradford, Borders, Middlesborough, Manchester, Gloucester, Glasgow, Ulverston and Harrogate to come to SAMS to swap their goodies.”