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* Business Growth Workshop

Want to grow effectively? Here’s how - This workshop which has been designed to help you explore your passion for your business, your vision, key aspects that will drive your growth, identify barriers to growth, predictive indicators to provide early pointers to success and action planning to execute the strategy. Delivered by Peter Dickinson


* Social Media – Friend or Foe? 

This workshop will ensure business owners/managers understand that social media is for them. It will examine how to get the maximum return from the time and effort required to reach potential customers and then convert them into solid sales prospects. In essence the workshop will focus on knowing how 'old marketing rules work with new marketing tools'. Delivered by Jane Law


* Delivering Success – A New Way of Looking at Leadership 

Leadership is generally thought of as an attribute or skill possessed by individuals in positions of authority (leaders).  Within the armed forces, the training of potential leaders (officers) reflects the perceived need for developing skills appropriate to their role and the command structure provides escalating experiences for demonstrating and honing these skills. To a perhaps lesser extent, management training is intended to develop similar skills appropriate to a commercial setting. In all cases, this approach, that leadership belongs only to the leader, polarises the group into leader(s) and non-leaders. Since the concept of leadership is meaningless without a goal, the consequence of this static, authoritarian view of leadership is that non-leaders rely on leaders for direction, and can escape responsibility for achieving the desired outcome simply by following instructions. This approach is frequently taken to its logical conclusion in attempts to micromanage (usually) organisations.

An alternative view is that leadership can be thought of as a process of change that moves the group or team towards immediate and successive goals in pursuit of a shared vision. Every member of the team contributes towards the process and is jointly responsible for the outcomes. Delivered by Ken Wade  


* Business Growth Through New Ideas

Got a good idea but don’t know how to make money from it? This workshop covers the stages and activities for developing a product, service or process idea from concept through to successful commercialisation. Delivered by Michael Holroyd


* Managing Organisational Change

Organisational change – one of the hot topics of the last decade! Technology, the economy and changing working practices have led to massive change in organisations throughout the world. Here we focus on how to embrace, deliver, monitor and evaluate change in your organisation. Delivered by Imelda O’ Keeffe


* Your Hidden Wealth- How to Measure and Grow Customer Loyalty

In today's environment every customer counts, everyone knows that it costs much more money to attract a new customer than it does to retain an existing one, so how do you keep your existing customers loyal? This workshop will help you answer that very question and develop tools and techniques to understand, measure and grow your customer loyalty. Delivered by Tariq Mahmood


* Empowering Your Team to be Confident in Selling

You may be great at selling but how can you empower your team to be confident in selling too? This workshop will impart skills and knowledge to enable you to do this effectively. Delivered by Stephen Leishman


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