STL Solutions

From: Tim Dobie
Sent: 01 July 2011
Subject: Social Networking Event

Dear Amanda

I just thought it appropriate to send you some feedback following my attendance on the ‘Finding and Engaging your Audience with Social Media” course this week in Blackpool.

I thought the course content was extremely good and very relevant to the situation we are encountering currently in our business. Obviously this area is potentially a very broad subject but Jane Law did an excellent job in picking off the most important subject areas and did very well in getting the attendees to participate to the right level. I was very impressed with Jane’s knowledge of social media and she has certainly provided much food for thought for me and my colleagues at STL.

I would thoroughly recommend the course to your other business partners who were unable to attend and furthermore would recommend Jane Law as a very knowledgeable consultant in this area and I suspect she could add significant value to any business who was pondering which direction to take their social media strategy.

Best regards,

Tim Dobie 
STL Technology Solutions Limited