Whitebirk 2000 Centre

Whitebirk 2000 Centre     

The Background

Jacqui approached Community & Business Partners looking for business support. She is the chair of the Whitebirk 2000 Centre, which is an information hub for local tenants and residents.

She needed assistance regarding finding funding, procuring a building and dealing with surveyors for the building

The action

Jacqui was matched with Danny Gordon as her Guardian Angel who would be able to provide support and guidance in the areas that Jacqui needs to develop the Whitebirk 2000 Centre.

Early results  

So far all is going well for Jacqui working with Danny, the meetings have already started to progress and Jacqui has had her first quote on the cost the building next door, and her mentor is working on finding a more competitive quote. A recent meeting has aims to help facilitate a conversation between Jacqui and Twin Valley about purchasing the new property.

At the moment Jacqui and Danny are evidencing the number of people using the centre to go forward with future plans.

Jacqui says

“The meetings have been very helpful. Danny is very good, a mine of information!!”