Looking to start a business? Wanting to grow your existing business? Facing challenges with growth, expansion or pivoting? You’re in the right place. For over 30 years we have been at the forefront of innovative, responsive support services, delivering to a range of businesses, utilising our network of over 150 business Mentors, Coaches and Consultants – one of the largest teams of business specialists in the Northwest.

Our specialist Mentors, Coaches and Consultants come from a wide variety of backgrounds; they have founded successful companies, acquired and sold businesses or currently run their own company – all with one common goal; a passion to give something back, sharing and exploiting their vast collective knowledge and expertise along the way.

Our specialists are your critical friend, there when you need them, non-judgemental and someone to bounce ideas off, helping you mitigate risks or accelerating your business success in a smarter way – someone who’s been there, done it and owns that t-shirt! We can help any sector and support any need; from finance, sales and marketing to lean manufacturing, supply chain and procurement.

The best part about working with one of our business specialists:

We are an ethically driven, not-for-profit organisation with CSR and ESG at the heart of everything we do. This means, whilst we work on supporting your business, we re-invest a percentage of our surplus into our local communities, making a direct impact improving our neighbourhoods. Making a huge difference to the everyday lives of families and businesses on a huge scale.

So, if you’re looking for ethical, professional, tangible business support – get in touch with us today, we have packages to suit every need.

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“If you ask any successful business person, they will always have had a great mentor at some point along the road”

Richard Branson


As a UK Government approved Endorsing Body, we support overseas entrepreneurs to establish their business in the UK via the Innovator and Start-up visa routes. We offer all our clients a comprehensive package of support, including mentoring and coaching, peer networks and business bootcamps.  We welcome applications from ambitious entrepreneurs with Innovative, Viable and Scalable business plans.


If you are looking to access excellent business support, with a great feelgood twist, then you’ll love our CBP Membership package.

The CBP Membership allows you to access our proven business support services at discounted prices and a percentage of your subscription is invested in our community impact – diverting waste from landfill, supporting charities, and providing food to those who need it most.

Our membership allows you to implement sustainable, ethical and affordable CSR and ESG within your organisation. A critical requirement for all high value contracts in almost every industry. Our Social Impact is hugely beneficial should you tender for work, are part of a bigger supply chain or simply want to make a positive difference to your people, customers and environment. A product designed to support you and your business whilst supporting ours to make a difference to our environment, local community and the people within it.


We’re renowned for delivering superb corporate and community events throughout the year to support your business. We major on best practice, brilliant guest speakers, innovative workshops, and interactive networking opportunities. Keep an eye on our events calendar for our bi-annual Your Business Bootcamp, monthly Bitesize Business Bootcamp online workshops and our North West HR Employers Forum in partnership with Forbes Solicitors.

As a CBP Member you will access up to 50% off our ticketed events. See the latest event below or follow the link for all upcoming events.

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ABOUT Following on from the success of our Covid Peer Group Let’s Get Talking, Communinty & Business Partners are pleased to run its successor Your Bite-Sized Bootcamp. Your Bite-Sized Bootcamp will be a chance for business owners and leaders to come together for monthly workshops delivered by our specialist mentors. The workshop for this month [...]


We often work with Local Authorities, Grant Awarding Bodies and the UK Government to be able to offer fully funded or subsidised support, and these are listed below:


The Lancashire Advanced Engineering and Manufacturing (AEM) Watchtower project is funded by Lancashire County Council, to support the Aerospace AEM Sector (Advanced Engineering and Manufacturing) with a series of support packages, following the pandemic. The service includes support for companies looking to innovate, diversify and a talent match service where we support your organisation with retention, redundancies, and recruitment, ensuring we keep our highly skilled talent within the sector and county.

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