Waste Not Want Not (WNWN)

This is a fantastic scheme that is available for anyone. I’ve had few boxes and you definitely get a good selection for £5. I love the ethos behind the idea and the lovely people at Sams make collecting a fantastic experience.

I’ve had a box a few times and I absolutely love it. Well worth the money. I look forward to it each week to see what surprises I will receive. Thank you!

Great value, well worth £5 Why not give it a try I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed

I heard of this scheme through a family member. I can honestly say that I am so pleased with the amount, variety and versatility of the food each week. Whether you are on a budget or just want to give it a try for a few weeks I’d highly recommend it. Pop in or give the staff a call. There’s always a warm welcome and they’re happy to answer any questions you may have!

Absolutely fantastic idea to pass on some serious bargains to people/families who may be struggling with less money, There is nothing wrong with the bread/foods etc, a very warm welcome is guaranteed by Joanne and Malcolm and meet some very nice people inside SAMS on fishmoor drive

Cant express how lovely this organisation is, its fantastic. Five pounds only its amazing guys xx

Collecting Free Bread from you [SAMS] has made such a difference. I always know that there is bread in the freezer. It saves me over £12.00 per week. I’ve been able to take my little one swimming with the money I’ve been able to save

Great selection made a colourful bean and pepper salad with vinaigrette dressing only added some cheese and radish mmmmmmm