Under the SAMS umbrella, there are various projects that benefit the local community with our scrapstore at the heart of the activities. A better community eventually leads to less crime, less social disorder and a better environment for us all.


An Aladdin’s cave of creative goodies SAMS collect, display and offer back to the whole community a huge assortment of recycled goods. With the help of donations from public and private organisations, SAMS places the spotlight firmly on reuse, actively encouraging environmental awareness within the local business community. From fabrics and ribbon to cardboard cones and zips, SAMS has it all under one roof, creating a unique environment for the community to engage in. Donating companies reduce their carbon footprint, develop corporate social responsibility and minimise disposal costs so improving profit. SAMS has created a network of companies and members across the region and works tirelessly, creating partnerships with other recycling projects across the whole country.

SAMS Online

SAMS-on-LINE: The online outlet for SAMS, allowing customers further afield (who don’t have the SAMS warehouse on their doorstep) to access our fantastic resources.


Waste Not Want Not


WNWN is a community food project that provides affordable food that is accessible to all without a referral from a statutory agency or service. The project purchases (and receives donations of) short dated food to assist families with their budgeting and it reduces food waste that goes to landfill. Some food is subsidised and some is free of charge.

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Community RePaint

Community RePaint Blackburn: Unwanted surplus paint is diverted from the waste stream and redistributed for reuse by Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise organisations and individuals in social need

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Charities @SAMS

Charities @ SAMS: acts as the conduit for surplus stock from businesses who want to donate to Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise organisations. In addition to adhoc donations throughout the year, Charities@SAMS also coordinates two annual Appeals; Christmas Wishes and the Easter Challenge. Both appeals are a positive way in which employers and individuals can contribute to their local community. All donations are distributed to the most disadvantaged children, teens and families in Lancashire.

Community Events

The Energy Zone is an exciting hub of activity, home to the Re#ashed Community Cafe, Game Changers, SAMS and other Community projects.

Our events welcome all members of the community, take a look at what is coming up and let us know if you would like to get involved.

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Yes, the first visit seems a lot to pay, but I love this place. I’ve been twice and had 2 trolleys full. Not only have my children had sooooo many things to keep them busy, but I got some beautiful fabric on yesterday’s visit that will make me lovely new curtains, Roman blinds and cushions for my whole house! (and much much more) also, Easter crafts to keep the kids busy over the holidays – all for £20! Bargain well worth membership
Thanks SAMS! X

There’s a joining fee and membership fee and it’s a chunk the first time you go, however, what you’re going to save on actually buying products over 12 months is MORE worth it!! Not to mention the items are being saved from landfill, so a social and environmental saving, plus their profit is supporting people who are disadvantaged… All win I say!!

I’d much rather spend some money here than line the pockets of already rich craft businesses all the time. I really think the low reviewers need to think much more creatively but what you can create from ‘junk’!

Really amazing customer service made to feel very welcome…

We arrive and look round and the initial thoughts are I can’t see anything suitable for us today……but then you have to let your imagination go. We come away with loads of stuff and loads of ideas when we leave many hours later. We never know what will be there and there is no point in going with a shopping list but the value for money over the years has been amazing.

We love going to visit SAMS and Jo because it is a really amazing place with fantastic staff.

Absolutely fabulous place to get creative, and to get the most un imaginable things to get creative with. Get yourself down there and become a member. Very helpful friendly staff.

At our last visit, we got 100 holographic purple boxes (treasure chests for a pirate theme). If you ignore everything else that we got (which was loads – ribbon, card, wooden blinds slats, rubber, plastic sheets, large silver card, netting, wooden crate, bday cards, glass bottles, plastic storage containers, material, wallpaper, tube suitable for a mast, etc etc) we will have paid 50p per box. As you can see from everything else we got they cost far less than that.

Fantastic service. Wonderful staff always a warm welcome, great place for crafter! Joanna really makes you feel welcome!