Community & Business Partners, based in Blackburn, have launched the Love From Lancashire campaign, which will recruit thousands of volunteers to help our community in it’s time of need.

The Blackburn based charitable organisation has been mobilising volunteers and providing mentors for 30 years and has worked night and day this week to develop the scheme which hopes to provide support to the whole of Lancashire.

Lancashire’s hospitality industry has seen a huge downturn since the Government asked people to stay at home, and this scheme will support that industry whilst providing goods to those most in need.

Amanda Meachin from Community and Business Partners explains “We are in unprecedented times and that requires an unprecedented community effort. We are an organisation with the skills to recruit thousands of volunteers, largely unseen on this scale before, to support our communities”.

“We need everyone in Lancashire to think about three things”, explained Amanda.Amanda Meachin

“The response of Love From Lancashire is going to take a considerable about of time and money. We recognise that this is a very worrying time for everyone, but if you can help at all with a donation, no matter how small, it will go towards providing the service and helping the hospitality businesses who are providing the food and goods.

“Things will get tough soon for those isolating, so we need those people to identify themselves to us now, so we can plan ahead and so they’re on our radar”.

“We need proud Lancastrian volunteers, established community groups and hospitality businesses with capacity to step up now. Your County needs you”.

All three of these things can be done on the new Love From Lancs website which has launched this morning,

For further information, please contact Paul White, 07866 684531 or